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We offer CAD services for producing existing and proposed drawings, showing the footprint of the buildings along with the site boundaries. The benefits of site planning include; observing how the interior of the property relates to its surroundings, this process will provide a better idea of the space you are proposing (I.e. compared to using photographs). We can provide a property layout and building floor plan. This will also help you imagine potential design options and gain a better insight, to a design that will give you a return of your investment (ROI). We will happily design a plan for your planning application.

The Composite Glamping pod was designed in 2017 by Chester Composites Ltd. Chester Composite Ltd is a company established in 2014 which has evolved to offer composite design, manufacture, and repair services for a range of industry sectors.

The pods were first conceived in 2017 with the fundamental properties being long lasting, low maintenance and as environmentally friendly as possible. The pods have come a long way since there original design as we have utilised more efficient composite manufacture methods while implementing an improved fit out offering full bathroom and kitchenettes options. County Pods was started as a trading name in 2019 to market the pods separately to the composite side of the company. During this time, we also created our dedicated design team and assembly areas. We now have a dedicated production facility focusing on the production of our composite pods.

Using Composites, we aim to combine the most up to date materials with traditional building methods to give our customers a classic product with a modern twist.