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Office Pod

Our compact but capable office pod is perfect for a Creative space needed to separate a home/work life balance.  With all the comforts you need to stay inside for prolonged periods of time. This pod may be the smallest in our range but has all the luxuries of the larger pods. A sleek customisable design manufactured with long lasting materials


Our Hampshire shape pod with its vertical sides maximises the usable space by giving the most possible headroom. A perfect shape for Family Glamping with space for bunk beds, kitchenettes and Ensuite. This shape in combination with coloured tiles or artificial grass can fit into blend into any location.


Our Cheshire design resembles a more traditional pod shape. This design gives a warm and cosy environment that suits being both glamping and home garden pods. Our Cheshire range can be fitted with both bathrooms and kitchenettes.


Our most popular pod shape is our Wiltshire. We feel this design gives the best possible use of space with the classic design features of our Cheshire pod profile. Our Wiltshire pods can be fitted with both bathrooms and kitchenettes.


Our Biggest and boldest design. The extra versatile space can be utilised for a range of inviting layouts. We have made our classic Leicestershire better by doubling up. This option maximises your space for accommodation while giving a dedicated living space.


Our new Washroom Pod is the perfect Aid to a camp, glamping site and Sports fields. This versatile pod can be used anywhere with Gas/Electric capabilities. A total of 4 rooms with privacy locks and individual extraction. 
We have installed PIR sensor lights for all rooms so electricity is not wasted when not in use. 



As request and demand of our clients we are in the early stages of development for this product.

The Biggest Design we have ever achieved. Helping businesses create suitable accommodation for there team and/or Clients in a self-sufficient platform.