The Cheshire

A more traditional pod shape

A warm and cosy environment

Our Cheshire pod was the first in our range, the design resembles a more traditional pointed pod shape. This design gives a warm and cosy environment that suits being both glamping and home garden pods. Our Cheshire range can be fitted with both kitchenettes and ensuites, with sizes starting at 3m x 2.5m ranging to 3m x 8m.

  • Delivered ready to use
  • Fully insulated for year-round use
  • A range of size option available
  • Low maintenance
The Cheshire - County Pods

Optional design features

All our Cheshire pods have a 3m wide entrance panel (front elevation) with a range of depths (side elevation) from 2.5m up to 8m. This pod offers a flexible interior layout which can be fitted with both a kitchenette and ensuite if required.