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County Pods

County Pods Cheshire

County Pods are a composite glamping pod manufacturer based in Cheshire

The Composite Glamping pod was designed in 2017 by Chester Composites Ltd.

Chester Composites Ltd is a company established in 2014 which has evolved to offer composite design, manufacture, and repair services for a range of industry sectors.

The pods were first conceived in 2017 incorporating a whole host of benefits utilising composite materials.

  • Durability: Composite materials, especially when used in construction, boast high durability and resistance to various environmental factors. They can be resistant to moisture, rot, and pests, making them ideal for outdoor settings.
  • Insulation: Composite materials have excellent insulating properties, ensuring the pods maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of the external environment.
  • Lightweight: Our pods are lightweight compared to timber pods, which is beneficial during transportation allowing us to manoeuvre them into some difficult locations.
  • Aesthetics: Composites can be moulded and shaped in various ways, allowing us to offer a wide range of design options. This versatility can help us create unique and eye-catching glamping pods.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our pods are made using recycled materials, reducing the environmental footprint in our manufacturing process. Additionally, their long lifespan can mean less waste long-term.
  • Maintenance: Due to their resilience against various environmental factors, our composite glamping pods often require less maintenance than those made of traditional materials.
County Pods

Our composite glamping pods offer a modern twist on traditional camping accommodations, providing guests with comfort, style, and a unique experience while blending seamlessly with nature.