Few facts about our company
Quick Turnaround
We Plan, Mould and Finish all of our pods to ensure the highest standard. Please Email the team for information on lead times.
Custom Designs
We offer a wide range of custom options with almost 2000 gable colours available, ensuring your pod is right for you.
Professional Services
Our fully trained team will guide and assist you through the entire production process.
Low Maintenance
Our pods are practically maintenance free with no exterior painting or varnishing required
Structural Guarantee 20 years
Our pods are manufactured using the same high-quality resins and gelcoats as luxury yachts. We offer a structural guarantee with all our pods.
Recycled material
The production each pod utilises about 4500 plastic bottles We have chosen to manufacture our pods from a high-quality PET resin.
Thermal efficiency
Our pods are the most thermally efficient pods on the market. The pods are suitable to temperatures as low as -15. Easily Achieving thermal class 4 significantly reducing running costs through the winter months while keeping cool in the summer.
What we do
Our personal goal and challenge is to become the leading designers and manufacturers of sustainably sourced garden room and glamping pods.
Exceptional finishing carried out by highly-qualified professionals

Our in-house design team aid with the planning and design of your pod.

We want to deliver improvements to suit the way you live or work

Running out of space at home, need to get away from the kids do not have enough rooms for guests to stay, we have the solution.

All County Pods come with the following as standard
  • Manufactured with GRP Composite (Glass Reinforced Plastic).
  • Fully insulated.
  • PVC Double Glazed French Door (Single doors can be fitted).
  • Exterior recessed lights.
  • Interior lighting (Single centre or 4 spots).
  • Electrical wiring with a minimum of 4 double sockets and external connection.
  • Slimline Digital panel heater.
  • Laminate flooring.
  • Interior smoke detector.